Dan's Choice - Sports Research MCT Oil

This is Dan's go-to when he adds MCT oil to his coffee, shakes, and salad dressings. Being odorless and tasteless it's perfect for mixing into foods. The thing that drew me to this product is that it's made from 100% certified organic coconuts. Since I use this twice a day, it's important to know that the ingredients are responsibly grown.


Josh's Choice - Viva Naturals MCT Oil

Josh prefers to take his MCT oil straight from the spoon, he won't drink his coffee any other way than black. I've used a lot of products from the Viva brand in the past and have never been disappointed with them. This stuff is great, I can definitely notice a difference in my mental clarity since introducing it into my diet. 


Josh's Choice - Viva Naturals Coconut Oil

In sticking with the Viva brand Josh uses this coconut oil for cooking and baking. MCT oil is refined down from coconut oil and isn't suited for high temperature cooking. I love the taste of coconut oil and it has quickly become my main cooking fat.


Dan's Choice - Nature's Way Coconut Oil

Always in search of a good value, Dan likes Nature's Way coconut oil because it offers a better price per ounce. Personally I love the taste of chicken sauteed in coconut oil, so I always substitute it when a recipe calls for olive oil.